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Art Nouveau Dining Room Suite, Circa 1910

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Price: 13 000,00 PLN
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Item features Art Nouveau Dining Room Suite, Circa 1910

Country of origin
Western Europe
Type of wood/material
165.5 cm
177 cm
50-54 cm
Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau Dining Room Suite, Circa 1910

We present you this set composed of a big table and six chairs, and a cupboard and a sideboard.

The whole is made of oak wood.

The table and chairs have Windsor legs, which are fluted in the upper section.

The lower section of the apron of the table with a carved ornamental line. The center of the table top

is made of pieces of wood that are layered in the shape of mosaic parquet.

Furthermore, the back splats are in the shape of a vase, finished with

a decorative carving that is similar to the ornament on the apron.

Moreover, the seats are padded with synthetic leather, which is finished with studs.


Table – Height: 76.5 cm; Width: 130 cm; Depth: 89 cm.

Chairs – Height: 100 cm; Width: 46 cm; Depth: 45 cm; Seat height: 49 cm.


This cupboard is composed of two higher cabinets and a smaller one, in the middle,

with a wall with a mirror.

The outer cabinets, in the upper section, are glazed with crystal,

filleted panes of glass, which are joint together with brass.

The bottom section of the doors is solid; with a layered appliqué.

Furthermore, the central section of the cupboard is one-door. Above the doors,

 there is a wet bar that can be opened by lowering down the lid,

and a marble countertop.

The lid panel has a mirror.

The bottom of the cupboard and the crest of the mirror are decorated with woodcarving with

a floral ornament.

Additionally, the inside is separated by shelves that are padded with green and red


Dimensions – Height: 165.5 cm; Width: 177 cm; Depth: 50-54 cm.


We present you this piece of furniture, circa the early 20th century, made entirely of solid oak wood.

The apron is two-door; with extended sides with blank windows.

There are two drawers on the door axis. The whole is topped with a marble countertop.

Furthermore, the rear wall of the commode has a mirror that is finished with a wavy cornice,

which is decorated woodcarving with a floral-fruit ornament.

Dimensions – Height: 148 cm; Width: 130 cm; Depth: 50-52.5 cm.

Presented items are in very good condition.

Each of the furniture is available separately under

 the numbers: KOMMG-169, KOMMG-170 and KOMMG-171, or as

a set, at a correspondingly lower price.


THE AUTHENTICITY (period of origin, type of material used in the

 manufacture) has been confirmed by an expert in

 vintage and antique items.

The Antique Beauty company issues a

CERTIFICATE OF EXHIBITOR on presented items which confirms

 the authenticity, legal origin, and the approximate date and

place of the items manufacture.

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