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Neo-Baroque Commode in the Boulle Type

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Item features Neo-Baroque Commode in the Boulle Type

the 2nd half of the 19th century
Country of origin
107 cm
117 cm
43 cm

Neo-Baroque Commode in the Boulle Type 

We present you this commode manufactured in the 19th century, in France, modeled on the 17th-century, Baroque

 furniture of the French ebéniste, A. Ch. Boulle. 

This piece of furniture is single-door, with sides that are set at the angle of 45 degrees in regard to the front.

The whole is placed on a slightly advanced pedestal that is covered from the top

 with a crowning plate made of white Carara marble.

Moreover, the shape of the panel corresponds to the concave-convex shapes of the sides and the front.

This commode is covered with black French polish. Also, it is ornamented from the front with an elaborate marquetry of tortoiseshell

and brass. 

The decorations are complemented with brass moldings and appliqués.

Presented article of furniture is in very good condition; after a renovation.


Boulle’s technique – historical overview

The name of the technique derives from the last name of the French artist-carpenter, André-Charles Boulle, who lived in 1642-1732. In truth, this marqueterie technique had been discovered by an artist who had been creating before Boulle, Pierre Golle.

The technique was that a pattern drawn on paper was redrawn onto tightly adjacent sheets of brass and tortoiseshell, and then the pattern was cut out with a special saw. Obtained in this way were two patterns: first, cut in tortoiseshell, and second in brass. Boulle often manufactured furniture in pairs. One with marquetry of tortoiseshell inlaid with brass (Premier partie), and second, a negative of the former, cut in sheet brass inlaid with tortoiseshell (Contre partie).

On the one hand, fragments of brass were usually shaded with engraved lines to achieve the effect of three-dimensionality. On the other hand, tortoiseshell was often dyed red or blue, by placing paper dyed in the color under the main body of the furniture.

Furniture like this was synonymous for luxury, and only a few among the aristocracy circles of Louis XIV could afford it.


THE AUTHENTICITY (period of origin, type of material used in the manufacture) has been confirmed 

by an experienced expert in vintage and antique furniture.

The Antique Beauty company issues a CERTIFICATE OF EXHIBITOR on presented item,

which confirms the authenticity,

origin, and the approximate date and place of the item manufacture.


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