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Biedermeier Living Room Suite

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Item features Biedermeier Living Room Suite

mid. 19th century
Country/place of origin
Western Europe
Type of wood/material
mahogany veneer
112 cm/109 cm
67cm/223 cm
66 cm/68 cm

Biedermeier Living Room Suite

The suite includes a sofa and two armchairs.

 Presented furniture comes from the mid. 19th c., and is made in wood in mahogany burl.

The sofa has an upholstered seat, and a backrest with characteristically rolled outwards

 legs that are finished with scrolls.

The wide, wooden armrests are complemented with material


The sofa’s backrest has a smooth, wavy line.

To continue, the fronts of the legs and the armrests are decorated with a semi-plastic woodcarving.

Dimensions: Height: 109 cm; Width: 223 cm; Depth: 68 cm.

The armchairs are in the type of wingback with upholstered seat, backrest,

 and sides.

The armchairs’ legs are straight. The armrests are in the form of rails that are finished with scrolls.

Dimensions: Height: 112 cm; Width: 223 cm; Depth: 66 cm.

The sofa and the armchairs are covered with the same, new, and satin upholstery;

ornamented with stripes, with a subtle floral motif in

 sky-blue-creamy coloristics with an addition of silver.

Presented suite has undergone a renovation, it has been finished in a French polish.

The whole presents itself perfectly and highly elegantly.

The suite, as a whole, is available in very attractive price, which is lower

than the price of individual furniture available separately.

Furthermore, we have a perfectly matching table to this suite. The item number is:

AB001490. It can be viewed under Tables and Chairs tab.


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 manufacturing) has been

confirmed by an experienced expert in

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 legal origin, the approximate

date and place of the items manufacturing.

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