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19th-Century Dutch Staarta Wall Clock

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Item features 19th-Century Dutch Staarta Wall Clock

poł. XIX wieku
Country/place of origin
the Netherlands
Type of wood/material
110 cm
36 cm
18 cm

19th-Century Dutch Staarta Wall Clock

We present you this wall clock from the mid. 19th century

in an oak case, with a painted face.

The ring with hours is painted on the background with rural and marine motifs.

Above the ring, there are phases of moon.

The semi-circular crest with brass finials is decorated 

with figurines of Atlas and angels blowing the trumpets.

The mechanism is functional, with a spring power source.

This clock strikes full hours and halves.


THE AUTHENTICITY (period of origin, type of material used in

 the manufacture) has been confirmed by an expert in

vintage and antique items.

The Antique Beauty company issues a CERTIFICATE

OF EXHIBITOR on presented item, which confirms the authenticity,

legal origin, and the approximate date and place of the item manufacture.

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