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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

§ 1 General resolutions and information about the Seller

The following Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as “the Terms of Use”) define the general conditions of sale of goods in the store located on the internet platform The platform is run by Antique Beauty Sp. Z o.o., ul. Technologiczna 2, 45-839 Opole, POLAND. NIP (Tax Identification Number): 627-274-36-98, REGON (National Business Registry Number): 363051401.

In the remainder of the Terms of Use, a person intending to purchase a product in the internet store is called a “Customer” or a “User”.

Before submitting an order, a Customer is obliged to read and accept these Terms of Use. Acceptance of the Terms of Use is the prerequisite to use the services of this online store, and takes place in the course of filling the order form (on the course of a transaction in §4 of the Terms of Use).

§ 2 Protection of personal data

In accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Antique Beauty Sp. z o.o. company, we inform you that the personal data of the Customers of our online store are processed for the sole purpose of order realization, and are protected in accordance with the applicable regulations. Personal data of the Customers are obtained as the result of registration by a User on the internet platform

Personal data are not shared with other companies for marketing purposes.

Personal data entrusted to us are stored and secured in the Antique Beauty Sp z o.o. headquarters, in accordance with the principles set out in the applicable laws.

We inform you that your personal data may be removed from the web-based platform upon prior written notice (by e-mail).

§ 3 Offered products and the price

Any information relating to the products offered by our store through does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, but only a presentation of the products offered by our store.

In case of purchasing particular product, the Customer receives information about the offered product, including its name, specified manufacturer or importer, and an annotation on the marketing authorization in the Republic of Poland.

All prices quoted in the online store are expressed in Polish złoty (PLN), with the correct VAT rate taken into account. The store issues margin VAT invoices.

§ 4 The course of a transaction

In order to purchase a particular product in our online store, the User fills out the order form on the platform, then sends the form of purchase via the platform. Sending purchase form constitutes the acceptance of the terms of sale, including these Terms of Use.

If the received data are inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect -- we will try to contact the Customer, in order to supplement or rectify the data. If the contact with the Customer is not possible, we reserve the right to cancel the contract of sale.

We also reserve the right to withdraw from a sale in the absence of the availability of items by the supplier. The cash paid by the Customer will then be returned to the bank account specified by the Customer.

Customer can make a correction to his/her order only until the store dispatches an order confirmation to the Customer. The Customer can also withdraw his/her order before it is confirmed by the store. In case of a paid order, the store returns paid money, minus the cost of banking and accounting services.

Upon confirmation of an order by the online store (which will take place in the form of sending you an electronic information), the sales contract between the store and the User comes to the conclusion.

Customer, after sending an order of the product purchase, makes a payment in one of their preferred payment methods. Selected product is shipped to you immediately after payments are on our account (in the cases of selecting PayPal or bank transfer). In case of selecting “cash on delivery (COD)” as the payment method, we ship products immediately after the confirmation of the Customer’s order.

During the sale you can communicate with the store. Simultaneously, we declare that we will inform you on all important stages of the transaction, which occurred on our side (order execution, payment booking, sending items).

§ 5 Methods of payment for items

The following methods of payment are possible, and the choice of form belongs to the Customer:

a)      bank transfer to a designated bank account,

b)      payment cards, using PayU,

c)       using other methods that are available on the platform.

§ 6 Right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason

In accordance with the provision of law on the rights of consumer, a Buyer who is a Consumer may withdraw, without giving reasons, from a remote agreement with the Seller within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of items. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the agreement is considered void. Withdrawal from the contract must be supported by a written statement of the Customer.

A statement must be sent by a registered letter or attached to the package with returned items.

If the Consumer withdraws from contract, the Seller shall return to him/her, within 14 days from the date of withdrawal, all received payments on account of the purchase (including delivery expenses of the item), except for the additional expenses incurred in accordance with Article 32, paragraph 3 of the act on the rights of consumer, the Seller may withhold return of payments until he/she receives items back. The costs of returning items to the Seller are not reimbursed to the Customer.

Returned items cannot bear signs of damage. Each item must be complete, and properly packed.

Return of the items to the Seller should take place immediately, no more than 14 days from the date of withdrawal from the sales contract.

The Seller politely asks the Consumer, unless this is a nuisance for him/her, to attach to the declaration of withdrawal, or to the returned items, a copy of the receipt, or an invoice, or other proof of transaction because it may help to speed up the recovery of amounts entitled to the Consumer due to his/her withdrawal from the contract.

§ 7 Procedure of items reservation

User has the right to reserve selected items on the platform. Reservation is possible only after logging in and paying a charge for the item reservation. There are following types of reservation:
1. Basic reservation: Reservation which blocks the option of purchasing the item for other Users. However, they will be able to also reserve the item.
2. Reservation with product hiding: Reservation that makes the product invisible for other Users of the store.
3. Free reservation:  Possible only for the already reserved items, lasts 1 hour after the previous reservation expires.

  • The fee for basic or product hiding reservations depends on the length of the reservation.
  • Product reservations become active after a payment in the amount of total value of the product is made.
  • If there are only free reservations in the Reservation Cart, they become active immediately after creation.
  • If a payment cannot be completed, it is not possible to attempt its renewal. Reservation must be made again.

§ 8 Final provisions

In matters not regulated by these Terms of Use, the generally applicable provisions of Polish law apply, in particular those in the Civil Code.

Provisions of these Terms of Use do not exclude or limit any User rights (including Customers), who are at the same time consumers within the meaning of the Civil Code laws, conferred on them by the common and mandatory rules of Polish law. In case of conflict between the aforementioned laws and the provisions in these Terms of Use, the common and mandatory rules of law of Polish law always have priority.

These Terms of Use have taken effect since 01.01.2016.

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