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Antique furniture renovation

We have a professional restoration workshop with a qualified staff, under the guidance of Blanka Sroczyńska MA, a certified art historian. We specialize in restoring antique furniture, decorative art, works of art, period furniture, and vintage upholstery. We provide comprehensive renovations. Furthermore, we have the right equipment and devices needed to carry out our work. We combine many years of experience, which guarantees the highest quality of our services. Thanks to the work of our renovators, even the most damaged items will regain their luster and former splendor. The most important for every member of our company are the superior quality and durability of the carried out renovation work.

Out workshop specializes in:

  • renovation and repair of antique furniture,
  • removal of old polish, varnish or paint,
  • repair of damaged veneer (whole pieces or inserts),
  • polish color changes (lighten or darken a piece of furniture),
  • repair or replacement of fittings – locks, keyholes, keys, and hinges,
  • replacements of missing pieces – carvings, legs, and slats,
  • repairing, deworming and hardening of wood, or replacement of completely damaged parts of a piece of furniture,
  • renovation of paintings on canvas and wood, icons,  and wall paintings,
  • renovation of polychrome and gilded carvings, gilded frames,
  • upholstery replacement.



If you want us to renovate something for you, please send pictures of the item to be restored. We will valuate the service, pick the piece of furniture, and bring it back after the renovation is complete.

Tel: 0048 600-644-555, 0048 606-499-565 or mail:

Before renovation After renovation
sofa biedermeier przed renowacją sofa biedermeier po renowacji
szezlong przed renowacją szezlong po renowacji
stoliczek przed renowacją stoliczek po renowacji
stoliczek przed renowacją stoliczek po renowacji

Furniture Repairing in a Professional Workshop

Thanks to the access to a properly equipped workshop, we can offer our customers a comprehensive offer of antique furniture repairing. At Antique Beauty, you can use services such as: removal of old French polish, varnish, and paint; repair of damaged veneer (including both whole pieces and single inserts), and polish color changes. Our team also specializes in repair and replacement of fittings, locks, keyholes, and hinges; replacements of missing pieces, such as carvings, legs, and slats; and the replacement of upholstery... The renovation of damaged antique furniture also includes repairing, deworming, and hardening of wood, or replacement of completely damaged parts with new ones.

Furniture Renovation with Antique Beauty – Why Is It Worth it?

Renovation and repair of antique furniture requires many years of experience, knowledge of the history of objects from the old days, and passion that Antique Beauty is so full of. We are distinguished by years spent on the maintenance of elements of equipment, upholstery or works of art, so we can guarantee you a high quality of service at affordable prices. With the help of our renovators, even the most damaged items will regain their splendor and former fineness for many years to come. In order to take advantage of the offer of renovation and repair of antique furniture, we encourage you to send photos to Our team will evaluate the service, and then pick up and bring the item back after the work is finished. Feel free to contact us!

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