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Practical Secretary Desks – The Furniture Hiding a Secret Due to the increase in the importance of education, the furniture for writing began to appear also in the interiors of houses belonging to representatives of the middle class. Secretaries, along with desks, were particularly popular. All this because of their functionality. Such furniture had already been known in the 16th century, but it became particularly popular during the Biedermeier period. Thanks to the column structure, it easily integrated into the rooms, saving space at the same time, which was not without significance in the apartments located in bourgeois tenement houses.
Card and Sewing Tables – Stylish Home Accessories The furniture for playing games, commonly referred to as card tables, as well as sewing tables, were treated in the old times as a luxury and rare items. They were not a part of the basic equipment of an average house, but were made as luxury items, on order of wealthy people. Their high price was determined by both the craftsmanship and the type of material used in the manufacture. Some tables were intarsiated, others inlaid, and precious types of wood were often used, such as: ebony, satin wood, rosewood. Ivory, brass or mother-of-pearl were used for inlay.
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